The Eruption

June 2, 2017
By sidewalkteen BRONZE, Lahore, Other
sidewalkteen BRONZE, Lahore, Other
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A volcano is about to erupt..,a raging, violent volcano…The atmosphere becomes darker and denser . People watch with both awe and fright the transformations and the different shades of the great cloud rising from the mountain top. The land trembles as the lava begins to erupt like it had been waiting soo long , like it had been dying to erupt , to burst ; to be free. The people begin to run towards the bay, the lava carries everything away which comes in its path. People just stand there rooted on the spot full with fright that how a peaceful, quite mountain all of a sudden became such a frightening and transforming force. But little do they know that the molten lava had been melting there inside the mountain for ages and becoming more excited every moment to ERUPT. The plates within the mountain had been moving towards or away from each other for ages..THE REAL CHANGE that caused the volcano to erupt started from the inside. The eruption, the transformation is somewhat very similar to the eruption of a nation; it’s rise to power. When the individuals of a nation change themselves then and only then the plates begin to move by the individual effort, the mantle within the mountain begins to melt and begins to move around and then all of a sudden it ERUPTS and carries away everything which tries to cross its path and with it starts the era of the erupted nation; the dominant nation. The change always starts from the inside. A sense, a feeling is created among the people to really be something, to stand up and show the mighty world that you really are something. When that sense is created among the people then they really live to be someone great. So, to be a great nation we must change ourselves, we must stand up. Believe in yourself, you can be someone great but you will have to make yourself a better person you’ll  have to struggle hard, you will face hardships indeed that will indeed happen but that is essential if you really want to BE SOMEONE….hard times make great people after all. Just as the earth’s plates change their position , change themselves and then slowly and steadily with the contribution of every plate of the mountain the mantle melts , just like that we must change ourselves so that our country can become a better place to live. We must change ourselves cause the eruption always starts from inside.xx

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