Racism Is a Problem That Is Still Occurring in the World

June 1, 2017
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Have you ever seen someone being racist to someone else? Most people would say that being labeled a certain name or being treated a certain way because of your appearance isn’t racism. Some believe that it is ok to treat certain people of certain ethnicities a different way. But our human rights state that the basic dignity of all people and their right to live in freedom and with justice and equal opportunity. However most people around the world don’t have the freedom to live by this human right. Therefore, we should stop racism around the world.

Several police officers use racial profiling- profiling based on ethnicity, religion, and national origin- to search and stop most people of a different ethnicity that isn’t white people. According to a 2011 report  the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights had found evidence that racial profiling was being widely spread. Showing that African Americans and hispanics are most likely to be stopped and searched by police. This occurs even though there is a less likely chance that they are found to be  possessing contraband or committing a crime. For example in Illinois black and hispanic drivers were twice as likely to be stopped and searched for after a traffic stop compared to white drivers, but white drivers were twice as likely to have contraband. The NYPD’s stop and frisk program shows evidence in where police will stop black and hispanics about 85% of the time and 9 out of 10 searches find nothing.

Another reason people need to stop racism is because tragedies that have happened around the world have marked how people will be looked upon. For example most muslims in the world are quickly assumed to be “terrorists”. In 2009, Balayla Ahmad, a student at University of Bridgeport had made news when she reported that she was being sexually assaulted by another student. Ahmad did not get the response she was expecting. INstead of the student being reprimanded for the his assault, Ahmad was turned into the FBI for suspicion on being a terrorist on behalf that she was an American muslim women. The student she had reported had spread rumors of her being a terrorist from the place of privilege that he was given for being a straight white male in america. For this reason Balayla was silenced as a survivor of sexual assault and was also silenced as a muslim.

Racism also happens in most restaurants as well. People of color will be put into a less paying job and be put to do more work. According to a report from the Restaurant Opportunities Center United, a labor advocacy group, workers of color earn 56% less than equally qualified white workers. White maile food industry workers are channeled toward the highest paying positions that can pay as high as $15,000. While workers of color are pushed into lower paying positions like bussing and kitchen positions.

In conclusion, racism is a topic around the world that isn’t discussed much about but needs to be payed more attention to because they’re many people who have and are still being targeted as victims of racism. They’re many forms that racism is being used in today's world. There are forms that people don’t even count as racism but they’re racism. In every corner of the world someone has gone through harsh and bad moments, including prison, beatings, and killings. These are just a few ways that people go through racism in their lives.

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