The United States Should act on North Korea with Major Military Force

May 24, 2017
By GoldenRod BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
GoldenRod BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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 The small aspiring nuclear power, North Korea, has far passed the limit of an “overly cautious” foreign policy. Being pushed aside for nearly 20 years, the Pyongyang now hold a very serious threat with the development of a nuclear war head placed on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The consensus intelligence estimates that North Korea is about 18 to 36 months away from sticking a nuke on a missile that could hit Los Angles. If this technology is developed by North Korea, blackmail (give us billions or I will Nuke LA) and a possible nuclear war could break out. The United States acting right now is more than just essential, North Korea has far less too loose than any other major nuclear power in history, they are unpredictable and dangerous.


North Korea is learning and developing new nuclear technology at a very concerning pace. Over the past 16 months, Kim Jong Un and his regime has tested over two nuclear bombs and more than 30 missiles including hydrogen devices. The power of a hydrogen bomb would be double the payload used to destroy Hiroshima during World War II. Experts now estimate that North Korea has built about 20 functional Nuclear Bombs. Kim Jong Un has talked about his goals including "preemptive strikes at ports and airfields" in neighboring South Korea and also threated to attack and annihilate the West coast of the United Sates. North Korean development also reflects their overall test. For example, during Kim Jong Un’s first four years of power, he has more than doubled the amount of missiles (66 missiles) his father, Kim Jong Il did in all 17 years of his reign. At this rate, the consensus intelligence estimates that North Korea is about 18 to 36 months away from sticking a nuke on a missile that could hit Los Angles. The massive growth of North Korean nuclear development has sparked concerns from James Stravridis a very accomplished United States Navy admiral. “You have two steams coming together, range and mineralization that you don’t want to cross,” (said after being asked about ICBM). The new administration has also ruled out this treat and stated, "The policy of strategic patience has ended.” The Advances of the Pyongyang have gone excessively too far and should not be taken lightly.

Kim Jong Un is unpredictable and dangerous and can be compared to previous regimes. Kim has demonstrated numerous times his unpredictability within his own inner circle. For example, so far during Kim’s five years of power, he has ordered executions of more than 100 North Korean politicians and military officers, Kim Jong Un has also killed his uncle Jang Song Thaek and his half-brother Kim Jong Nam. Kim’s Paranoid and unpredictable actions clearly show a resemblance to past totalitarian regimes including Nazi Germany under Hitler and the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin. North Korea's highest-ranking defector, Thae Yong Ho, recently warned that Kim feels that his grip of power is slipping, and that he is more dangerous because of this. Thae said, "Kim Jong Un's capability to wreak harm, not only to America, but also to South Korea and the world, should not be under­estimated.” Kim Jong Un’s urge for power and the lack of intervention by major world powers like the United States is very similar to the rise of Nazi Germany. For example, Britain(European power during the rise of Hitler), Failed on multiple occasions to act on Nazi Germany before their growth was unstoppable, Hitler’s occupation of the Rhineland and the appeasements ordered by Woodrow Wilson (Britain’s prime minister)  can easily be compared to North Korea but with the growing technology for a ICBM. The failure of Britain to recognized Hitler’s ambitions that were even written out in Mein Kompf is also very similar to Kim Jong Un and his ambition to blow up the west coast of the United States. Kim Jong Un is a mirror image to the most notorious men to every come to power, He should be annihilated off the face of the earth.

Arrangements and alliances can be made to take out North Korea. The New administration already has plans to make deals with neighboring countries to North Korea such as Russia and China. For Russia the Trump administration plans to welcome them back to the global table only if Russia helps with the North Korean issue. For China, the Trump administration will encourage them to be more than just a major economic power, if China disagrees, then the United States will add tariffs, if China agrees, then the United States will lift tariffs. The only problems with war on North Korea would be failure to negotiate deals with Russia and China and Tensions rising between two other nuclear powers. However, the odds of a failed negotiation to take out a treat (North Korea) that could possibly be devastating to Russia and China would be almost impossible. If the United States couldn’t make a deal with Russia and China, the option of the U.S targeting North Korean supplies used for nuclear technology from air strikes is always a possibility.

The past 20 years have brought nothing but opportunity for North Korea. The start of the war in Iraq during the Bush administration, then the antiwar “overly cautious” Obama years have created a boiling mess. The thought of North Korea having ICBM capabilities is like giving a child a gun. The United States must stop North Korea before they gain any more nuclear power. This is why major military force is necessary. A very influential physicist once said, “The world is a dangerous place. Not because of those who do terrible thing. But because of those who let them do it.” –Albert Einstein.

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