Flawed Education, Flawed Future

May 24, 2017
By esadkilic BRONZE, Brussels, Other
esadkilic BRONZE, Brussels, Other
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Observing our modern education system in the most of the world we obviously see it has many flaws into raising a generation that can take the humanity to a brighter future.
But why?

Our recent education system dates back to the 18th centuries when it was a way to train people to work in factories and in more than 2 centuries the world has developed but education system is still at where  it was 2 centuries ago. The recent world does not need to train people to work in factories but what we need is people who can think freely, independently and that can innovate our future.

Telling this student what to think wouldn’t help us the only thing it can produce is a group of robots that aren’t even under control of their own mind and thoughts. The cliche question asked by many students “where are we gonna use this in our everyday life?” should truly be taken under consideration, students need to be taught more knowledge that would be useful to them in their everyday life.

The students are classified and are in a constant competition to get better in some fields but why favoriting gifts and fields, why do we classify math as more important and promising that art? Where art is one of the most useful ways to the development of a nation because it promotes imagination and thinking and as Albert Einstein said:  “Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”

Making them memorize things that they will forget the day after their exam or would not be useful in any aspect of their lives neither for themselves nor for the future they will build

Their opinions and thoughts concerning and/or criticizing the school and its ways are being suppressed by a school authority and once more they are forced not to think creatively and independently. The students have no input in the decision making that concerns them and that is totally illogical that they don't have say on  their own right of education. Instead they are penalized for getting out of the “system” and “order” that the school imposes them. Basically their right to education is manipulated by curriculums and lessons that are generally decided by policy makers which have never taught a day in their life and could never in any way understand the students.

The students are forced to be identical not in the way they learn and study but also in the way they dress with a uniform that in time will destroy the individuality and particularity of the students. Not every human learns to same way but why teaching them the same thing the same way no wonder many students and possibly brilliant minds are being wasted because of this robotizing system.

Not all the world has a flawed educational system for example when we look at the education system the first thing we see is the importance to the youth education school starts at 7 years old and the first 6 years there is no homework or tests to classify them where we get them into a competition right when they start school. They have shorter school days and a teacher passes approximately 4 hours in a classroom and the curriculums are just broad guidelines when we tell students what to think for 8 hours a day.
As a result what do we have in all international fields the Finnish educational system outperforms every other country in the world, and all by having an education based on collaboration instead of competition. In an international based measurement by the OECD in 2001 Finnish students came first or close to first in many fields

So we need to ask ourselves do we really want to suppress our youth and imposes them what do think or support their personal developments and gifts for a brighter future

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