Synonyms of Youth

May 19, 2017
By citygirl BRONZE, Rangareddy, Other
citygirl BRONZE, Rangareddy, Other
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The one question that comes in everyone’s mind during teenage life is Who am I? Not many teens ask that question to themselves literally, but subconsciously a lot of these questions cross our minds unknowingly. And some of us who realize “The Question” look for answers from everyone except yourself , there is no harm in taking advise but the final decision the final answer has to be yours . The most important point is to believe in yourself in every sphere of life there is no harm in taking advice as long as your point of view is firm. Being clear about your goal is not as simple as it sounds, it takes a whole lot of processing and thinking. But with all these difficulties all teenagers manage to make our young age one of the most memorable part of our life and that is a great thing. At this age we learn that to face the different spheres of life we have to be strong, independent, friendly, and that we need to understand every person’s point of view. In youth life every is step is a lesson. At this age you have an inner circle where if you make a mistake today you can always rectify it tomorrow that is this part of your life are known as the turning points of life. This is life.


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We all teenagers are dealing with the same problems

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