Unknown Wealth

May 17, 2017
By Anonymous

The dictionary definition for wealth is an abundance of valuable possessions or money. Most people would agree that they hope to wealthy, because let's face it who doesn’t like money? Though an accumulation of money leads to problems such as greed and this desire to display it to everyone.

Im inspire to be like my aunt and uncle who are successful and very wealthy. My uncle owns a couple of machine companies and my aunt helps with all of the administrative work. They live in a nice house, own expensive trucks, have multiple jet skies and a boat, own a lake house, and own a race truck to compete in races in Mexico and other parts of the United States.

Though looking at them, it wouldn’t appear that they owned all of this. When I think of my aunt I, I think of her in her cut off shorts, her hair dyed black, and her dark, thick eyeliner. My uncle looks he never stopped dressing like a freshman in college. They don’t scream money.

Going back to how they inspire me is how their wealth hasn’t affected or corrupted them in anyway. They have all of these possessions, but they don’t flaunt them, instead they share it with others. Not once have I ever heard them brag about their wealth. Their idea of wealth is “whatever is theirs is yours also”.  Those who are negatively affected by their wealth tend to brag and flaunt it, but keep it for themselves. They become obsessed with money wanting more and more, and doing whatever it takes to get more. Wealth is something that should be shared with others and shouldn’t become one’s obsession.

Wealth, the abundance of valuable possessions or money is exactly what my aunt and uncle have. It hasn’t corrupted them like it has for others who feel the need to constantly gain money and constantly show how much they have. Being able to share wealth with others is the best use of it.  

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