May 10, 2017
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This picture is of me in early kindergarten.  When I look at it, I am flooded with so many different emotions and tons of nostalgia.  When I went to elementary school, while I was there, I was always so focused on when I would make it out, and to middle school, so naturally my years in elementary school flew by quickly, and then when I finally got to the middle school I realized that I had spent 6 years over-hyping a small transition that ended up being severely underwhelming compared to what I had trained myself to anticipate.  In addition to that, I slowly began to miss elementary school, when everything was more simple, and far easier.  I didn't know that I would miss it until it was gone, but that's that cliche our parents always tell us, "enjoy your childhood while you still can" or whatever, and that's not really the direction I want this post to go.  For young children everything is fast paced, wake up, run around, talk faster, no time for naps, and so forth.  I believe that the stage of childhood that I am in is the stage that is truly the easiest to embrace and want to hold onto.  Yeah school is harder, and relationships are ten times more complex, but at the same time, the bonds that I feel that I share with my friends, the ability to just walk into a room and immediately be able to make people laugh (a skill I have to thank my kindergarten self for)  is so great, laughing with friends and being able to go to school and know that I have people that can help me crawl through the slow-paced days that are school, and still somehow manage to enjoy it.  So yeah I would say I miss elementary school, but not for a second would I consider going back.

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