April 17, 2017
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We throw the idea of immortality around all the time but what if it was a reality. We need to think about what the point to life would be if you never aged and never died. What would everyone do, would we just endlessly do a job until there was no use for us anymore. We would have nothing to look forward to no getting old and being peaceful and happy, just endless life. If you think about it death is a release from this cruel world we live in, it sad but without it we would be stuck. Stuck to live over and over again in the same day with different activities. Yes, there are good things here and good people but what about religion. Would there be any, because for most if not all religions there is something that happens after death like going to heaven or hell. What would there be to live for if you serve to make it somewhere after death but there is no death what would happen. Hope of an afterlife would be gone no one creator to take us to our everlasting life. As much time pasted living forever would make you cold and not fell much just living day to day because your future is endless and there is nothing to shoot for or any end goal. One plus could be that there are endless possibilities to what you can do but you can only do so many things before you have done them all, then what. We are all given a clock to life on how long we live and its like that for a reason so let’s keep it that way.

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