Open Your Eyes

April 10, 2017
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Monday morning. The sound of your alarm clock wakes you up. Too soon. Your dreams weren't over yet. You were dreaming about you and your friends and you everyday life. You walk over to your window. The gray, gloomy usual scenery. You walk down the stairs. That annoying creaky noise again? You hate it so much. On your way to school, nothing new. The bus stop, the supermarket, the people. Oops! You missed your bus. Never mind, you'll just be late to your boring lessons. History, Maths, Physics, Latin: when is this coming to an end? It's break time. Your friends are as talkative as usual, chatting happily to you. But you,for some reason, you're annoyed. You've had enough of this. Boring. Repetitive. Is there nothing fun? School is over. Back home. When you walk into the house, you don't greet anyone. Just go up to your bedroom.

Later, at dinner time. The usual talk: "What did you do today? Any marks?" Huh.

The next day, "We have to talk". You stare at your parents, nothing new; it's just going to be the usual nagging that comes out of people's mouths everyday. and as usual, you won't listen to a word of it.

"We're moving."

You look up. You feel a single tear rolling down your cheek. Suddenly, it feels like your whole world is falling apart.

No. Wrong time. Wrong person. Why. Why? Why,
Why does it have to be this way?
Right now, you feel like you don't ever want to leave this gray, gloomy scenery.
Right now, you love the way your stairs creak.
Right now, you don't imagine your life without your usual schoolday routine.
Right now, you want to run up to your friends and cry all the tears out of your shaking body.
Right now, that 'everyday nagging' you hated is music to your ears.
And you regret you didn't notice that before.
Everything always seems normal, but beware: you could lose it all someday.
That's why you should open your eyes.

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