Snapchat and My Experience with the Stock Market

April 7, 2017
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Snapchat went public recently and started off fairly strong with a 40% gain just on the first day. Many are wondering: is Snapchat worth investing in? Well, I personally do not believe so. Sure, the app is extremely popular and widely used, but I do not see it growing much more than it already has. There is just nothing new about it. Unless Snapchat comes up with a new idea besides a few filters for the app, then it will not grow. That does not necessarily mean that it will crash, but it just will not increase enough for it to be worth it. Soon, all of the people who own shares will sell them and it will most likely drop to around its initial amount of $17.00 per share.

The stock market seems large and daunting at first, but if an individual takes the time to analyze patterns and research companies, they can be rewarded with large profits. As an amateur in the stock market, I’ve made just over $1,000. I have a strong belief that high school students should invest money because they most likely will not need it until later on . The dividend could be huge and will help out later on in life. Besides, most things that high schoolers use their money for are temporary things such as food or clothes. Also, the market teaches young people the value of money. Once they learn that their own money is on the line, then they will realize its true importance and be more careful. Finally, it teaches them when it is the right decision to take a risk. For example, a company could be doing great one day but then crash the next. Nothing is ever for sure in the stock market.
Now that you know a little bit about the stock market, will you invest in Snapchat? It is your risk to take!

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