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March 24, 2017
By Cami007 BRONZE, Woodland, California
Cami007 BRONZE, Woodland, California
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Parents, students, and teachers listen up. The time is almost upon us, summer. A time where the hot weather takes over, forcing women to undress. During this time of year women all over America strip down wearing short skirts, flaunting there midriff and breasts and worst of all there shoulders. This change in style arises many issues but we can see clearly these issues purley exist with just women. The men continue to be perfectly modest during the summer time despite the harsh weather.


Time and time again women's bodies are becoming a distraction to men. So I ask you, parents, students and teachers. What should be done to solve this unfair and inappropriate cycle? Well I come with the answer. I propose during the summer months, female students should be enforced to dress like men, therefor preventing any oversexulization of their bodys.


In light of the fact that women tend to dress more scandalous though the summertime, there should be an easy to follow dress code especially designed for this time of year that is specifically catered towards women because they are the main source of this problem. This dress code would specifically eliminate all distracting and tempting items of clothing that can be distracting to their male classmates education. Since men seem to have no issues with the way they dress it only makes since to mirror these styles with girls. The girls will be asked to dress like men, for example, loss tops, baggy pants, polos and much more.


Some may ask, how will this work with the rising passion in women to fight for their rights for equality through feminism. Through an interview with Smith Rodney, a college history professor, we came to the realization that this trend would die down in a few years and go back to normal. In the meantime and as campuses switch to this new plan of action, there will need to be strict rules and repercussions with this process. Women are the type to continue to do things if there are no punishments.


In an article released by Education World educators report that in the beginning of the process if there is enough parent/ student involvement and constant reinforcement, dress codes can prove successful. Schools are also putting in loads of effort already to stop women from exposing themselves as is. In an article released by The Gang Guy, Mike Knox explains how feminine attire is so complex and takes a great deal of energy to inforce. In technicality, this new dress code has the potential to be easier to manage than the current system.


In an article released by The Guardian, Educators and some parents stated that young women's outfits, more specifically their bodys are to distracting to men to carry themselves with dignity and respect. Young girls should not be growing up with this type of behavior. It will only get worse with age.


Towards the beginning of school, educators will send out emails to parents and students to remind them of this new dress code. There will be dress code police around campus to monitor the new female dress code. It will be hard to recognize the men from women but with everyone dressing in manly attire there should be no issues. During winter and only winter shawl female students be able to dress in appropriate female cloths following old dress code restrictions of course.


I can see nothing but great results coming from this new dress code. Please take into consideration that this is a necessary step towards the future of bettering Americas education. We need to change the program where the problem is really happening. That is why this would be the ultimate solution. It will target the source of the issue, women. This plan has potential to succeed but it needs your help. Share this with friends and family to spread the word! The future of education is upon us and it's ultimately in your hands.

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