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March 27, 2017
By Anonymous

School dress code: a girl's worst enemy. This is the most “controversial” enforced policy that female students “deal” with. They constantly hear, “Your shorts are too short”, “I can see your mid-riff”, “Your shoulders are giving Jimmy a boner.” A girl's body going through puberty is just too distracting. The amount of skin that women expose to the world is plaguing the school environment. Men, the obvious superior gender, are getting distracted and we cannot let our future leaders get distracted. A specific uniform for girls is necessary to make sure men can live their equal, shameless, non-sexualized, and not at all threatening lives in peace.

Simply telling girls that they can’t wear spaghetti strap shirts, short shorts, jeans with holes, etc is absurd. Instead let’s have all schools enforce a uniform for all females as well as transgender females because it’s wrong to discriminate. The uniform will be a head-to-toe couture of black non-see-through snuggie. You might be wondering, “but what if it’s hot.” Well women cannot go to school when it’s at least 70 degrees outside because, let's face it, we should send them home anyways if they show up to school with any skin showing.


Although it would be easier and not at all expensive to teach men not to rape, having a school uniform for girls will enforce a safer environment for intelligent men.  A seventh grader in Portland shares a story where her fellow classmate was dress coded for wearing a skirt a couple centimeters above her fingertips and was sent home. After a two hour wait, the student was too embarrassed to go back to school.


(neatoday) You see, if she was wearing the black snuggie she would definitely not feel embarrassed or look a damn fool.

It’s a woman's job anyways to make sure they don’t distract the men. Even though women have to go through s***-shaming, fear of rape, being treated as a lesser human, and discrimination; they can just suck it up.


Covering yourself is not hard. A man’s urges and needs is just way too hard to control and not at all something we can stop. Boys will be boys. Plus rape is so hard to prevent when men can see girls with skimpy clothing. It’s unacceptable for these girls to wear seductive outfits that scream “yes please rape me because I planned this whole outfit for my prince”. It’s unfair for these men to get blamed for rape when it’s obviously the girl’s fault. But thank god, only “two percent of men, women accused of rape will go to jail” (Rainn). But if we had black snuggies it will prevent this mess.

Co-founder of the “The Everyday Sexism Project”, Laura Bates says “I think we live in a culture that’s so used to looking at issues of harassment and assault through the wrong end of the telescope...that it would be really refreshing to see somebody turn it around and focus on the kind of behavior that is directed at girls rather than to police girls’ own clothing.” If you really think about it, Bates is speaking the truth. Leaving these girls alone and teaching boys that they shouldn’t rape would be the right things to do. Dress code enforces rape culture and it’s absolutely disgusting for women to always be the victim. We shouldn’t be distracted by skin especially if it's the shoulder or tummy area because if you’re turned on by that you need help. So let's stop blaming women and finally start teaching boys for once. 

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