March 14, 2017
By , Coral Gables, FL

Tears are usually the beginning of things. Many situations can make you cry either in the beginning or at the end. Like usually thought about it, death, the end of a life but it will eventually get better for the loved ones suffering. For example, two different examples of tears. One, when a mother holds her baby for the first time that brings tears of joy, secondly, if the mother ever has to experience the death of their child they cry of sadness. These two events affect the mother forever, one with happiness but the other with extreme sadness.

If you were to ask a happy person, tears may also be the beginning of a situation. Crying for example, can be because of deaths, births, grades, family problems, and many more things but you can solve them because every beginning has an end and everything will get better. For example, my mother was really close with her father, my grandfather died about 16 years ago. It was a moment of extreme pain and sadness for my mom, but now she is much better. No matter what, situations that impact you will always be a part of you. I can still see how it affects her since she talks to me about my grandfather. It became harder for her about ten years ago since we moved away from home. She would visit my grandfather grave about every few weeks but since we moved from away it's been hard for her, and she hasn't been able to go back since. Instead, she asks my aunt to buy flowers for her and put it in his grave

For example, a beginning tear can also be when you are nervous for a project or a presentation and then at the end you do amazing and you get a great grade. Also, bad news may be the cause of the tears rolling down your cheeks. Sometimes when you find out your having a baby or someone close to you is having a baby you cry for joy.

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