March 12, 2017
By Madddieb25 BRONZE, Colona, Illinois
Madddieb25 BRONZE, Colona, Illinois
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Perfection is not reality. Beautiful people all around us are attached to the idea of being perfect. I have news for all of you: perfection isn't real. This society now of days is obsessed with the image that the media puts in our minds. The true perfection is found in the things that makes you… well you. Everyone is perfect in their own way. Perfection is the things you do to fix your mistakes and the way you live your life.

You can’t expect everyone to be a millionaire, fit and smart. It’s time for numbers to stop defining us. Thats not who we are. It’s just apart of us that shouldn’t matter, but somehow this world has given us the image of perfection. The truth is the more we try to define perfection, the more we are missing out on the fun adventures of life. I just want to live my life without people defining me based on how perfect  I am. The way I look shouldn’t define me. It’s just apart of me. The real me that should be judged, is the person beneath all the lipstick and make-up. That’s how everyone should be judged. In this world today, no one gets a say unless you have the numbers. In my mind thats just not right.

Everyone was made for a reason. And each reason is what makes us perfect. We are all perfect in Gods eyes, so why should it matter what we are in other peoples eyes.

The media that we listen to is tearing this society apart. It’s making people have a reason to kill themselves, or hate on themselves. When we were first put on this earth we came here with love in our hearts, no hatred or judgement. That’s how it should be. But instead we choose to live a hard, painful life by letting the media and society get to us and judge us. No one should feel unwanted but the media makes us feel like if we’re not “perfect” we’re unworthy and useless. But that’s not true. I might not be what you call “perfect” but I can still change the world someday, without the medias inference.  And it’s okay for you to do something in this life that is good and that can change the world. Because I believe we were all suppose to. One day we will all feel loved and wanted, weather thats today or in the future, that’s up for you to decide. Decide when you're going to stop letting this world define you and be you for once.

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