Have Humans Become Too Dependent on Technology

March 10, 2017

Technology isn't the problem, how we use the technology affects how dependent we are on it. Many people use technology as a way to escape, rather than using it as a tool to help them when needed. Technology can benefit our lives in ways that we need it to. By humans becoming so dependent on technology this can affect our ways of communication. We would soon isolate ourselves and only depend on technology rather than the others around us.


People could also harm themselves by becoming so dependent on technology. Rather than learning where they are going some people depend on google maps to get them where they are going. For instance, if you are on your phone looking at google maps you could get distracted and possibly get in a wreck. You would not only harm yourself, you would be putting others in danger too. If you need the answer to a question that you don’t know instead of finding the answer for yourself, you instantly look on google. It has all the answers! People feel that there is less of a need to maintain knowledge of something that they know they can just look up. Instead of finding information out by ourselves, if this technology was confiscated we would soon lose all of our short-cuts and resources.

We always say that we “need” these things to survive, such as technology. Those people who aren’t as fortunate to have the “greater things in life” seem to manage just fine. They still have time for face to face interaction and to enjoy their days without their faces always being buried into their phones. A lot of people miss out on the emotion that you get when talking to someone in person. You should want to be able to see how that person is acting while they’re talking to you. The world is changing more and more everyday, if we are always too focused on our technology we will miss out on all the great things that are happening around us.

To be involved with the people around you, disconnect from your technology. Being too attached to this can cause a lot of problems. You could potentially put the people around you in danger if you aren’t carefeul, and yourself. You might also miss out on interacting with your family and hwo the world is changing. We as humans have become too dependent on our technology. We don’t “need” it to get through the day when other people aorund the world and maybe even next door can enjoy themselves without it.

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