Why I'm Thankful for Veterans

March 6, 2017
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Thank you for everything you have given to this country.  Freedom is the main thing you have given to everyone.  My name is Max and I am a senior in high school. The Honor Flight video inspired me watching the veterans be treated the way they should.

I wake up knowing I live in a free country and that’s due to brave veterans.  You gave me the option to go to college if I please. You gave me the ability to choose, which is what freedom is about. To choose if I want to go fight for my country or not. The courage that our veterans showed when they fought gave us our freedom.  Declaring for the draft is the strongest commitment one can make for their country. Every hardship and suffering you’ve had to face makes the hero that you are today.

When you were my age, you declared for the draft which took bravery.  It’s crazy to think about what if I had to go to war? The bravery that you and your fellow comrades had makes me want to stand tall and be brave.  The things you did for our country will not be forgotten. Persons in America are thankful for your sacrifices. 

My grandpa fought in the Korean War and he didn’t tell me much, but he is the only one in my family that went to war because he gave the rest of us freedom.  Watching the jets flyover at Lambeau makes me think about the courageous men and women fighting overseas right now.  People don’t take time to appreciate veterans and soldiers.  The Honor Flight is a program that shows our appreciation for the veterans.  I am truly thankful for everything that you have done for this country.

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