Don't Diss Disabilities

February 17, 2017

Health issues. Nobody can help the fact that they have them. No one chooses to have a disability, disease, or disorder. They just happen. It's not the health problems that make a person, but their personality. Not everybody sees it that way.


If you see someone who isn't out of shape, to put it nicely, don't make fun of them. Being obese isn't a choice. It's an endocrine system disorder.


If you see someone who is depressed or has panic attacks, don't make them feel worse by saying things about how it'd be better off without them or that everything that can go wrong will. These are both examples of mental- cognitive, psychological and psychiatric- disorders.


If you see someone with seizures, don't be a jerk and imitate them. Seizures are a neurological disorders.


If you see someone with sleep apnea or asthma, don't joke around about how they look like they haven't slept in days or the way they breath. Those are respiratory disorders.


Yeah, people who have a disease, disorder or disability may need to get money from the government to help them live. That's no reason to be a sourpuss. Just because they need to doesn't mean they deserve to be treated any differently than anyone else in society, and they certainly don't deserve to be bullied for it. Help them, don't hurt them.


People with disabilities, disorders and diseases need a friend to help them, not a stranger to make them seem like an alien. If you see someone in need due to any of these reasons or more, help them- don't diss disabilities.

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