Feedback on "Today's Loser"

February 16, 2017
By , Tyngsboro , MA

After reading “Today’s Loser” by: Camryn B., and I have been noticing that people around the world go on their phones to post a picture, and to see how many likes they got on their post, and almost become famous for the little things. “There are people who get fame and recognition from the smallest things, like saying ‘Damn Daniel!’ or flipping a water bottle.” I personally think that theses people don’t try hard to become recognized or famous. For an example people who make Vine videos are famous and get a lot of recognition from people, but did that person ever try hard to become famous and did they already accomplish their dreams?  I understand that people around the world want to be famous to not be forgotten, but I just don’t want to make a six second video and then I’m famous in a heartbeat.  No, I want to try harder and go to school and fulfill my dreams to become successful in life.

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