Not Men Nor Women, But People

February 13, 2017

We all tend to classify ourselves as a man or a woman. I say, forget it! It doesn't matter if we're a man or a woman because that could change. Some people are classified as a man because they're born in that body, but they feel like they were born the wrong gender.


And it's not just who you're born as, but who you love, as well.


So what if loving the same gender is a sin in some religions? If it's a sin to love a man when you are a man, or a woman when you are a woman, that how about loving a person when you, yourself, are a person? Forget being in love with the same gender- be in love with an amazing person who means everything to you, no matter what people say about you. If they can't accept that you love the same gender, then fine. Now, if they can't accept that you love a person, well... that's a different story.


If someone comes up to you while you're walking with your significant other and says "It's a sin to love the same gender, you're going to go to H***," then tell them, "It doesn't matter if we're the same gender. Not men nor women, but people. That's what matters, right?"

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