The Face of a Clock

February 7, 2017

The clock ticks away, the down beat as the tock and the upbeat tick. Tick tock tick tock the clock goes with not a care of the world it surrounds. All a clock knows is the role it plays in the life of the average person. Go to sleep, time to eat, you are late, and no it does not hesitate to do so. It controls the time you spend on any activity you do. You must finish homework by a certain time, you must go to bed by a certain time, work a certain amount of hours, the possibilities of the time controlled hesitant clock are endless. As the time progress you think back to what you have missed when time ran by. What you could have enjoyed instead of worrying about the time frame. Tick tock tick tock the clock goes and you remember why you spent it worrying about the time. Everything has its limit. You can not have something forever. What ever happened to that stuffed bear you once were inseparable from when you were 5? The one you would die if you could not find it between the dinosaur sheets and dragon comforter. You threw out the bear huh? Maybe he’s in the attic? The truth is that over time you forgot and outgrew your beloved bear.

Now just because time affects your life does not mean you can not enjoy it. Enjoy the small things in life to the big moments as well. Live for the moment and don’t worry about how much time you have left. Let the alarm mode on your clock do that.

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