February 3, 2017
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“You will never win unless you learn how to lose, “ said Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Basketball is fun, but it isn’t always easy. Here are some things to help you through it. The main things in basketball are the gear, strategies, and rules.

You will need the right gear and equipment to play hoops. You will need basketball shoes so that your feet don’t blister or sore. The most important part is a uniform, your coaches will give you a jersey and you will need that jersey for every game. Another thing is a water bottle. It is very important in basketball you need to always be hydrated and ready to play hard. Last but certainly not least, deodorant. Deodorant is not just a toiletry but it keeps you and your teammates conscious for the game especially in junior high.

There are many strategies you can use to win the game. One strategy is plays, these are what gives everyone a place on the court. They help you get to the basket to make a shot. Shooting is another strategy. Shooting is how you win the game, it gets points on the score board that help you win the game. Teammates are a very important strategy. Teamwork is probably the most important one. If you don’t work as a team than you can’t do plays or make shots. Meaning you can’t get points on the score board and you can’t win the game. I know it sounds lame, but ball handling is very important. It helps you drive to the basket for a shot and it helps you sprint down the court while still dribbling the ball to make a free layup.


You must know the rules of the games in order to play in one. The people in charge of making the game sensible are called referees. These people call all the fouls, out of bound calls, and even if the basket counts or not. Shooting has rules too. If you want to shoot a basket that is worth three points your toe has to be behind the three-point line. If you want to shoot a basket for two points it can be anywhere in front of the three-point line. If you need to move with the ball you will need to bounce the ball as you run down the court. If you fall and have the ball you must dribble the ball up with you as you stand. If not it is a travel and the other team gets the ball. You may have heard of many people getting hurt while playing basketball and that normally is caused by fouls. Fouls are when a player on the opposite team hits or bumps you causing you to be off coarse. Which can be bad for some players meaning they get hurt but also good because they get to shoot two free shots.

Basketball is fun but without these things it is very hard to play. Remember have the right gear, learn your plays and strategies, and know all the rules. As you dribble down the court with the spotlight on you and shoot a game winning shot, just remember to have fun and work hard for the Lord in what you do.

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