The Tradition That Taunts

November 26, 2016

After prolonged hours of thinking, I thought it would be better to pen my words down. Well, I don’t hail from an orthodox family, nor did my parents. I get as much liberty I will ever want. My parents trust me, which I thought was very normal. I also sensed that by the time I am in my parenthood, there wouldn’t be a trace of religion, caste or any kind of spiritualistic social division. Little did I know that I was exactly wrong? I fear this might not be possible even in the millenniums ahead. I fear that social discriminations might become inevitable. Why is that so? We give it the power of immortality.

I live in a society, so diverse and differentiated that every single human being, alive or dead happens to have identification in the name of caste, community, and religion. The most common questions the people of this society ask me are – Which community do you belong to? Which religion do you preach? Which caste are you in?
Whenever such questions are raised at me, I have a sense of guilt that I don’t belong to the twenty-first century. Every single time, my answer would be “I am sorry if I disappoint you, but I am casteless and creedless”.  Some tend to appreciate such answers whereas some criticised me behind my back. I was never worried about the counter responses. Moreover, I am only happier to express what I think, because most people are honestly ashamed to speak out what they think.

Why? Why do people ask your community, caste or religion? What is the benefactor in raising such a question? Why don’t they have the feeling that we all are human beings and we all in one way are the same as the other? Why don’t they understand that we all are the same homo-sapiens and not any better than the other? Why don’t they capacitate that we only have six senses and not much more?

Religion is a social division which arouse from the concept of God and Worship. But it didn’t mean that we were different species. Caste is a social division which originated on the basis of the work they were engaged in. But it didn’t mean that one was superior to the other. Community was a division which thrived to exist when both Caste and Religion intermingled.

Prehistoric times were extremely orthodoxy, no doubt. But as time gradually swept its way, so did the social divisions among humans. Ethnic diversity still prevails, but has never been as worse as social diversity.
India has been recognised for the quote “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”. But that doesn’t seem to be true. The caste system did prevail in the post-independence India. But it was expected to be forgotten over the passage of time. Why are people so vindictive in stressing their Caste, Community or Religion?

History acknowledges caste as a social division which was used to identify themselves and the work they professed. Long gone the old civilizations and lifestyles, these divisions still cease to exist. I would like to raise a question - Why?

Why do people have a superior feeling over the other? Why don’t they understand that all of us have similar pair of eyes, nose and every other physical feature? Why don’t they comprehend that it was us who created these social differences and it wouldn’t have existed if we hadn’t paved its way?

I feel alienated when people start to differentiate themselves on the basis of religion and caste. I feel disgust when they undermine a personality out of irrational social divisions. I hate it when people are excluded only due to the reason that they originate from a depressed section of the economy.

Possibly, if this world was going to end this very second; would you honestly be worried about which caste you belong to or which religion you professed. Honestly, most would say a ‘no’. What if there prevails a caste system by the standards of how well a person is educated? Would you agree to a system like that? Probably a big no!
Of all, which hit me the most was the teens of the current generation are so keen in being orthodox. My very own friend questions almost every one about his or her caste. I don’t feel embarrassed but rather odious.

If this social division is passed on, this world will give birth to the immortal social division, which I think is powerful enough to annihilate peace. It definitely isn’t a very good idea, is it?

I believe that, it is necessary to endorse this view in every human stating that all these social divisions which exist today, will be extinct tomorrow

Perhaps, Caste and Religion are Tradition That Taunts Human Existence.

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