The End

November 11, 2016
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What if the world was to end. How would it happen, and will the human race find a way to survive. Say that World War 3 was to start. How would it be fought with kids losing their life or people hiding and attacking from far away (Nuclear Warfare). That would mean that there would be fallout. Humans would have to live underground for a very long time before we could come to the surface. What if we built a buck spaceship and launched ourselves into space in hope to find a hospitable planet to continue the human race. We would have to take few people into space in the hopes of finding a planet to continue the human race. How would they chooses who goes and who doesn’t? Does only the first class get to survive?


Or what if the world ended because of an asteroid striking the earth. We will be like the dinosaurs or lives taken by a cold lifeless piece of stone. How will we survive by burring under the ground like a vole? It would be total chaos. We would also be in the search for potable water and food. It is possible to survive but we would need to evolve to stay alive. If were are able to stay alive and adapt to the new environment we could live until all of the debris clears then the world would be under constant change. We would have to change very rapidly to our environment to stay alive.

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