Technology and Education

November 22, 2016
By katgretel BRONZE, Dumfries, Virginia
katgretel BRONZE, Dumfries, Virginia
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Many students agree that technology is beneficial in education. There are many useful applications for handheld electronics in the classroom, such as using them them for calculators, dictionaries, and to take notes. Teaching students to incorporate technology in their schooling is a great way to prepare them for future jobs. Also, there are many programs they will need to be able to efficiently use in the office environment.

Educators argue that phones distract students from getting the out of their education. Students on the other hand say they are useful for reminders, researching unknown information, and reading books. Also, listening to music while studying can improve memory thanks to the Mozart Effect. It is also helpful for blocking out unnecessary noises that can distract from studying. In fact, classrooms are usually more quiet and productive when students are listening to music and independently working.

Certain courses ask students to create slide shows, videos, spreadsheets, and other multimedia projects which require the use of electronics. Completing these projects in spare time during class is a great way for students to practice time management. Many educators prefer to have students complete their assignments online because they are easier to grade and less likely to be misplaced. The students can get reminders and graded work sent directly to their devices making it easier for everyone.Some teachers incorporate online games in their classes to make learning more interesting; encouraging students to participate on their devices.

Electronics can improve learning and help students excel in school. The downside is not everyone uses them for education. Many students use their devices for entertainment reasons, but they are only hurting themselves. If they don't want to learn they are old enough to make that decision, and will have to face the consequence of their grades. Their choices should not reflect on students as a whole, and the majority should not be punished for their choices. Many students have good reasons for using their devices, and they shouldn't have to explain themselves every time they need to read a book or complete a project.

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This article is on the importance of technology in schools. By Katherine F.

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