On the 2016 Presidential Election

November 17, 2016
By sarahyaacoub SILVER, Bowling Green, Kentucky
sarahyaacoub SILVER, Bowling Green, Kentucky
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Recently, many people were left shocked after one candidate, with a long list of qualifications and a long history of fighting for women and minorities, lost to another, who, in many minds, is not fit for the position to which he was elected.  Many were angry, and many more bewildered, I among them.  How could someone like him, someone who stands for hate and oppression--how could someone like him win the votes of the majority of American electors?  But he did, and that breaks my heart for a number of reasons.

If he fulfills his campaign promises--any of them--he will work to reverse all that our nation has accomplished under Obama.  He has threatened to repeal Roe v. Wade and legislation protecting people in the LGBT community.  He has threatened to separate families, deport immigrants, and keep refugees out of our country that for so long has been a place that opens its arms for all people in all walks of life, that tells war-torn countries, "Give me your tired, your poor" and helps the people, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  He has already proven himself no ally to women, and he will do nothing to close the gender wage gap or fight sexual assault in America--in fact, he himself has a record of assaulting women and, when asked about it, writing harrassment off as "locker room talk" and saying that his fame and money give him the right to women and their bodies. 

This is not a candidate who will fight for you or make progress.  This is a candidate who cares more about his estate than his constituents and their wellbeing, and that is wrong.  This is a candidate who marginalizes minorities and insults women for the way they look and thinks nothing of it.

I'm still with her because I know I can count on her to fight for us and fight for what's right.  Unfortunately, it's hard for me to say the same about Donald Trump.

The author's comments:

I wrote this on the morning of November 9th, the day after the election, when I woke up to the news that Donald J. Trump would be our next president.

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