Is it for the Best

November 13, 2016
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Who is this person? Why is she staring at me like this? Hairs all messed up, eyes as if she hasn't closed them since a week. And as I was trying to identify her a tiny droplet fell from her eyes and rested on her cheekbone. I raised my hand to touch that tiny droplet only to realize that there was a barrier between us. A wall or a surface. Ice cold. Terrified I tried to look away and that girl did the same. Only then I realized that she was me. It was me staring at my own reflection in the mirror. It was hard to recognize my own face. But what had gotten me here? Why was I such a mess? I looked hard and tried to recognize myself. It was me. I could say that by the shape of my lips and the color of my skin. But there was something different with me. I stared deep in my eyes and they stared back. Yeah! That was it. My eyes. They were all red like the color of the sun at noontime. The only difference was that the sunset brings peace. Tiny droplet, no wait a tiny droplet brings happiness. But happiness was nowhere here. It was a tear. It’s amazing how this tiny amount of water made such a difference that I myself was not able to recognize me. I found it fascinating when people say it is for the best. They say that whatever life offers it is for a reason.  If it is for the best they tell me why am I in tears? Why am I feeling this pain? Pain which is far worse from any injury. Pain that is so frustrating but beautiful at the same time. Beautiful because this pain is the only reason I know that everything was real. Not only it was real now I know that it was a big mistake. a mistake that left me suffering. But you know what, every mistake is a lesson. And maybe that is the reason why they say "It is for the best."


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