Should Orcas Be Exhibited in Marine Parks?

November 10, 2016
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The other day, I was watching my sister with Autism throw a tantrum because she wanted ice cream for breakfast. She kicked,screamed and threw a spoon across the room. I wondered if other families experienced mornings like this. Probably not. It would be beneficial if people could be educated about Autism and the behaviors that come with Autism. Maybe we should build habitats for children with Autism in public places and sell tickets so people can come and see the. Wouldnt that be beneficial for all of us? No! We should no more cage any species of the world then we should humans themselves. Much like a child with Autism, Orcas have proven to be emotional creatures. Does that mean we should put autistic children on display and sell tickets so the public and watch the “show”? Why would we disregard the life of one creature over another? Nothing living should be held in captivity.


Once I had  done more extensive research on orcas captivity, I had to ask myself “what are the benefits and what are the drawbacks of having captive orcas in marine parks and aquariums?” The argument for having captive orcas in exhibited marine parks and aquariums is for furthering the research of ocas, learning elements of the orca that we could not learn if they weren't captive or living freely in their habitat, but are we truly studying the orca behavior, is their behavior in confinement the same as it would be in nature? Probably not, if you take a man and put in a jail cell, you is not going to behave the way he would in his own home with his own family. I ask myself, “what have we learned?” “Have we gained any beneficial knowledge to further the research of orcas?” “Or have we only learned how to slowly drive orcas into a state of mind that destroys them?” One thing I have found in my research, is that I am left with more questions than answers.

As a whole, humanity needs to open their eyes and realize the cruelty that's taking place against orcas.We need to work together to show how cruel it is it hold these more marine animals in captivity. What can we do to fix this issue? First off we can properly educate ourselves and with proper education on how animals should be treated, you will learn that orca captation is wrong. Another way we can work together to stop orca captivity is Connecting with an Anti-Captivity Group, if you do some research you can find a number on nonprofit organizations focused on the blockage of the continuation of orca shows.  First you can Tell your friends and families not to visit or support Marine Mammal Parks like Miami Seaquarium, Six Flags and SeaWorld. You can also contact  Marine Mammal Parks like Miami Seaquarium, Six Flags and SeaWorld and express how you feel. For the love of these animals I believe that we should do everything in our power to end the suffering for these orcas. I have personally taken the initiative to voice how I feel, why would I sit around and not do anything help out these poor creatures? Get up and do what you have to do to make this world better and help those without a voice, We have the power,strength and voice for all of us to stick together and do something that is right. I believe in this movement and can't wait to see what the future is for the current orcas in captivity.

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