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I Shouldn't Have to Write This This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

I wholeheartedly agree with Justin S. in his article, "I Shouldn’t Have to write this."  I feel like black individuals shouldn’t be afraid to even step outside just because the color of their skin, especially being afraid of not being shot by a police officer. In his article he states, " I saw footage of a white man fight off two officers for a prolonged period of time before being tazed by the police and restrained without lethal force, knowing full well that it had it been a black man, he would have gotten two in the chest before he even got up off the ground." If it was a black individual fighting the police officers, another life of a black male would’ve been lost. They're so quick to kill a black individual just because the color of their skin, which is wrong in so many ways. Aren’t we supposed to be all equal no matter what color or race we are? No matter what race a person is no one should be afraid of a police officer there supposed to protect us, not kill.

Thank you, Justin for inspiring me to share my thoughts about this issue.

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