friends arent always fine as you think they are

March 12, 2009
By cindi pan BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
cindi pan BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
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'Times when I could have escaped I couldn't I felt trapped'' this is a quote from a person that is close to me. When I heard the very words come from her mouth I couldn't believe it. Even now I can hear those words over and over again. It's like one of those things that I can't get rid' it's like a dream that has become horribly wrong. Even now I see her everyday and she seems so happy but once she opened up to me I felt like I knew pieces of her that I wish that wouldn't happen to her. I debate everyday whether or not to say something or whether or not to keep my mouth shut just as she told me too.

You're probably thinking that I should have said something but really it's something you can't think of easily. She is so close to me but I know when she is really happy, like over the top happy! I know something must be going over at her house. I feel sometimes that I should but I respect her decision. But when I get a text that her parents get mad at her because of stupid broken headphones that were already broken is ridiculous. She told me that they threatened to beat her but she stood up for herself and threw it right back at them and walked off with eyes full of tears that could supply a shower. Her family just seems to soaks her in physical and emotional pain that she can never re-do. It's just one of those things u never get a second chance to re-do. 'What's done is done' that's what she says. She doesn't believe that anyone can help her but she is strong and hides it well'

I understand that u think this isn't going anywhere but it is. I know that my friend needs help, but I don't want to lose her. It is selfish but that's how I am. I just want people to know that if u r a kid being abused then you should talk about it. If it gets to far then it might turn into a everyday thing. I believe the society isn't doing all it can to prevent it. It's like nothing happened at all. Some kids that are abused will do the same thing to their next child and so on and so on. Some might even do anything to get attention. So I just want the readers of this article will understand that don't be selfish like me doing the right thing is a good thing. It will make you happier when your friend or close one is.

Doing so might even save their lives. I know many people that have attempted suicide and she is only one of them. One of the people that are dear to me smoke and do drugs but its only because she feels doing so will finally get the attention of her mother that she so dearly loves but can't say it. Her mom never gives her a chance they have to soak her in violence and emotional and physical pain. So if u have an abuse problem not just child abuse, report it to a friend. It will make you feel you're not alone but free.

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what this article means to me is so much!!!

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