What Matters

March 12, 2009
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To get to my point of 'what matters' I would like to start out by stating in my opinion what certainly does NOT matter. How one dresses should not be a factor by which people are judged. Some people don't have as much money as others so maybe they can't afford the styles and fashions that people can, or maybe they just choose to dress differently. What one has is not, nor will it ever be, important. Just because someone has an iPod, cell phone, or nice car doesn't mean they're better than anyone else. When one feels the only way to get noticed is by buying things, they need to realize that it's not what you have or wear that counts. What someone may not know is that a person who looks differently could be the nicest person they've ever met; they just have to give them a chance! Our lives rely so much on such meaningless things that we don't take the time to look through it to see what people are really like.

What matters? This question brings up so many different points. Yet only one is really important to me. I see so many people everyday being left out, ignored, or bullied because they're different, and it's so hard to watch that happen. So I feel that looking past physical appearances and considering what people are like on the inside is what truly matters.

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