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March 11, 2009
By Stephanie Mull SILVER, Rockford, Michigan
Stephanie Mull SILVER, Rockford, Michigan
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If there is one thing in my life that truly matters, it's my friends. They are always supportive and there to comfort you through your hard times. No matter what the situation they can always help because they know you better than anyone else.

Going out to the mailbox that day I knew it would be there. I've been waiting for it seems like forever. The wind whistling through my hair and the smell of newly printed newspaper. On my way back into my house I looked through the pile of mail. Most of it was for my mom and my step-dad. Then I see it, an envelope addressed to Stephanie Mull. The return address at the top said MVA, standing for Michigan Volleyball Academy. I got so excited I almost screamed. Dashing the rest of the way to the house, I almost dropped the rest of the mail. I went inside got the letter opener and sliced through the crisp envelope. As I started reading, it read, 'Dear Stephanie Mull, You have been accepted to play on the eleven and twelve volleyball team here at MVA.' I kept reading and looking for the coach's name. Finally I found it, 'You will be playing for Mr. Doug Hall.' I knew at that moment I had to call Sarah.

When her mom answered the phone I asked her if she got the mail yet. She said that she did, I asked her what team Sarah was going to be on. She started looking through the letter and humming as she was doing so and murmuring some of the words until she said, 'Found it. You will be playing for Mr. Doug Hall.' Then she asked what team I got on. I told her that we were going to be on the same team. She was so excited and said she would tell Sarah the moment she got home. We said our goodbyes and hung up the phone.

Sarah and I started off really well; making friends and having fun. But one day I got another letter in the mail that I wasn't expecting. It said, 'Dear Stephanie Mull, Here at MVA we feel that you are doing an exceptional job on your eleven and twelve volleyball team. You and one other girl on your team has been accepted to play on a thirteen's volleyball team.' I started wondering if maybe it was Sarah. I didn't want to say anything to her just in case it wasn't her. I didn't say anything to her. I started talking to my mom about what I should do and she has always been so supportive of me. But not today, she said, 'Just do what you want to do.' At the time it seemed so useless. Then I started to understand. She wants me to be happy, and I'm happy when I'm with my friends.

So my mom sent MVA an email telling them that I wanted to stay on my original team. After that I don't think that they ever bugged me about it at all. I was so glad I made the right decision and had a great time playing volleyball with Sarah. My friends mean so much to me and they are what matters. When I am sad they always know it. They are ALWAYS there for me, in the good times and the bad.

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