October 6, 2016
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The world breathes philosophy, knowledge of something profound; as if life needs to have a explanation or purpose.  I've spent so many years of my life sitting on my hill watching life pass me  by. Taking out data, and looking through life as if it was a one way mirror.  I always hoped that aside from all the mess  in this world there would be one scholarly explanation. One broad example of this is our image of when we die. When the reaper comes to take our souls would you ask it all of your questions? the questions that you have spent your whole life building from the ground up. The most predictable question would be: ‘What was the purpose of life’.  God only knows if that is what actually goes down in the moment of undertaking, but you could assume that questions are one of the last things to swim through your subconscious. The problem with the universe is that it doesn’t provide reputable signs. No questions can be answered or if they are in fact answered there is no way of knowing the truth. The thing that astounds me about mankind it is always curious, always looking for justification or something that connects questionable events. Not that I would know the first thing about the world but I am a firm believer in one's own opinion.  I have established that it doesn't matter what a community or society has found the world to be about or what it might hold, but what you make out of it. Conditioned as we are, humans are fascinating creatures. Not because we have the primitive crown of the food chain, or that we have a different form of knowledge; No we allow ourselves to be shoved into a mass of indifference.  We as people allow ourselves to be defined by elemental aspects: color, weight, talent, gender, orientation of any kind. We are not defined by mediocre judgments. Worst is that we are conditioned to believe these lies. We think that we’re made of numbers. Test scores, Pounds on a scale, grades or education,  likes on a picture, friends that we posses.. But we’re not. We are made of joy,  love, laughter,  heartbreak, and humanity. We are made of  memories and past curfews, of pain in our hearts and scars on our body. We are every crease in the morning paper and every composition within a spider web. We are failures, but we are primarily stories. Every crack within the sidewalk and each broken bone. No barcode, data file, and or record can characterize us. The truth is that we have a soul. Something few people understand. Everything around us has a soul, and we have just allowed them to be covered up with conspiracy and prudence of others. If you don't know what your soul is them allow me to enlighten you as best I can. Your soul drives your desire, something that can't simply be seen but must be felt. Every time someone you love touches you for instance, and I dont mean sexualy or directly for  a matter of fact, but pushes up next to you, or even sits beside you. That warmth you have is your soul, same with every breakup and death, and happiness you have ever felt. Our soul is the ingredient to our heart and mind, and can be very powerful with our personal creativity and uniqueness.. From the moment we are born we breathe in our soul, a soul that has been saved exclusively for us. As we grow we breathe out fragments of our soul. this could be portrayed from people changing who we are and influencing our lives in society's views. We then begin to take in exhaled soul from other people, changing who we are to be more like them. (socially acceptable) I refuse to judge people for this very reason. I am flawed but I am the only person to better myself. Being prejudice doesn't solve anything for humanity. It sickens me to see creativity, intelligence, and uniqueness snuffed out by the large hand of society's hate. I wait impatiently for a day when we are smiled upon and accepted but I think we all know that isn't in our future.

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WordAddict said...
Oct. 9, 2016 at 12:00 pm
"We think that we’re made of numbers. Test scores, pounds on a scale, grades or education, likes on a picture, friends that we posses.. But we’re not. We are made of joy, love, laughter, heartbreak, and humanity. We are made of memories and past curfews, of pain in our hearts and scars on our body..." This was a very powerful quote that you've put in here. I completely agree with the message that you're crafting through this piece, though it does pain me to acknowledge that this, "I wai... (more »)
Kalua replied...
Oct. 13, 2016 at 10:35 am
@WordAddict Thank you so much for your input. It means a lot to me that people enjoy my writing/ the themes I try to put across. -Thank you :)
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