Humans {It}

October 6, 2016
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It exists, there is no denying it. It is not imagination, or something creative. It is a thing. A trapped soul. A dead corpse. A blackened heart. It has no power. It has to follow us. Us. Filthy. Disgusting. Vile. Morbid. Humans.
It has to follow our every move, every waking moment. To those humans who have insomnia, we have them perish with us when they have died an awful, painful, death. For when the humans fall asleep, we go down to the underworld. Filled with pain, and hate and screams. We must suffer until they sleep, until they are settled, and when they awaken we are ripped from the underworld and brought back up by an awful force that compels us to do anything at it’s will.

We are stuck with our humans, and when our humans die we attach yourself to another human and the previous human will die and create a new one of us and have to suffer the same fate. Not all of us though are lucky enough to be attached to a human.

Some of us are just left alone, wandering, unknowing how to live our simple live. Like we had one anyways thought, right? People always question if we are real or not and seeing as though it wouldn’t make sense we are, always watching, listening, and creeping in on your everyday life. Most humans are just to stupid to actually notice. We sit here waiting for you to do something interesting and fun and yet, we see nothing of the sort. We talk as you rest find that it’s much easier to attempt killing our human than actually staying with it.

Some have tried and fail and then there are others. The others, the one who have succeeded will never understand how we have ever felt in this regret and hate. They will never know the true pain of being trap alongside their human. These ones are untrusting and deadly to the trap and ungrateful souls. The ungrateful are trap, the ungrateful are dieing, the ungrateful will never escape their fate ever as the depth of time sinks in and they will never escape the regret they have of stayon trap to these un-signed humans.

The ones who have no life span of what they are doing and have no control over their own bodies. Humans being all the same in one way or another. Humans will suffer to the end of the world because humans have no sins, regret, hate, love, happiness. Humans are emotionless and will eventually tear even our world apart as we slowly speak in death.

They imagine all of us suffering at their own will, so now in our day and time, we will give them something to suffer for.

Humans will never learn their very place in this world.

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