It {Humans}

October 6, 2016
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They don't actually exist, they are only hiding in the depths of someone else's soul, waiting to be swooped anyway in an uncanny discretion. Hiding from their friends and enemies and trying not to make a sound; violating the very rights to their darkened soul. Being as black as the night like it was the creature didn’t feel human remorse, considering it had the figure. It had no heart and no way to really breath, and yet it watched them. Them.The humans that walked through the alleys and stores and school without even noticing. Humans were so insignificant in the world yet there were more of them than any other species that had been discover.

Humans. They had all the power and all the control, yet couldn’t seem to even see the little details of it. It. It would watch you day and night, it would somethime only be at your side, it could exist without the humans.

Without help from anyone in this wretched world and living through other abject. finding new ways and places to hide as the light slowly finds it. When light finds it, it burns, screams, bloody hell and cannot stop for the little life it has. It will disappear but return later, darker, seemingly more dead than before and won’t rest until the light would shine in and slowly drown the object in the brightness hiding from it. Humans don't’ even care about it, when in reality it is always there, even when you think you're alone. It cannot leave the humans side, and it will always stay with that human.

Even when humans begin to die, the slow and painful death it is already dead and will attempt to bring their human to the underworld, creating another it, a friend, to help them find other humans and story what was the light next to their sides. It will do this even after humans are dead and destroyed. It will always have a home, even when the humans are homeless. It will prevail over the humans, not caring how dark or light the world may seem. Even in the darkests days it is always there, never quit visible to the naked eye. Moonlight. Stars. Sunshine. Blue sky’s. Rain. Clouds. Snow. Storm. It is always there, waiting for you, watching you, copying your every move. It can never leave you, never run away, never go out on it’s own. Then you fall asleep, and it is dragged back down to the underworld. Screaming. Tourchered. Laughing. Murdered. Even when it’s already dead. Then you wake up and it is there, watching you again.

You still have no idea. But it will always follow, watch, catch, and see your every move. It will never leave you, and one day it will drag you down. To the bottom of the earth. it will never fully be seen as it is covered by the darkness or black. Slowly dieing, but never living to begin with. Just think about how it feels, because one day that will be you. Watching. Stalking. Copying. Someone. Without even caring. You have an it. You just have never payed much attention. Look down one day and stare at the ground under you. Think of Peter Pan, and how he fought. Think about how it feels, because it used to be a wretched, evil, vile, human being. And now. It has to follow you around everywhere you go. Seeing everything you do. Copying every move you make. And everything has a reason, if it didn’t we would be stupider than we really are.

This reason will only seem reasonable to some of you.

Just always think of how the humans trapped in your shadow feel.

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