The Progress of a Species

September 30, 2016
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We can wage wars and kill millions and split atoms and go to the bottom of the sea but we can’t say what we mean.

It’s… sad.




… But It’s what we have given ourselves to survive with. We go by knowing our words mean nothing to each other and they barely mean anything to ourselves anymore. Wars show what we are capable of as a whole more than signing a peace treaty with words does. Killing millions makes us more memorable than our army walking around without action. Splitting atoms can demonstrate the magnificence in this world much more amazingly than a controlled experiment with a lab report. Going to the bottom of the sea… pictures of those deep sea creatures that understand themselves as much as we understand our own race… Is more than a small column in the paper about them. 

We want to feel important and worth others time but we can’t do the same for each other.

-My Friend and I

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