Memorial Day

September 28, 2016
By Anonymous

When i think of memorial day i think of all the people that would give the ultimate sacrifice to insure that everyone in this country has a guaranteed freedom. I think of the rights that they fought for so we wouldn't have too. Memorial day was created by General John Logan in 1868 to remember the soldiers of the civil war. Now memorial day is to remember anyone who lost their life fighting for this country and the rights of those in it.

When i think of memorial day i think of the small flags that decorate the cemeteries. How they move in the wind and what they represent. I think of the people underneath those small cream color tombstones.

I also think of the people who weren't in the military, the people that fought for their civil liberties and freedom of speech. In times of hate and oppression there where the people that stood up and were willing to die for a change. The times when people like MLK would lead marches through Selma knowing there would be people on the other side of town, ready to strip him from his right of peaceful protest or when they would do sit ins in diners to try to make themselves noticed for more than just the color of their skin. That is what Memorial Day is about. The American people fighting for what they want is the most patriotic thing about this country.

Coming from parents that aren't from the United States makes me gain a bigger appreciation for living here. Just envisioning my dad getting up every morning and working from a very young age so he could move here makes me proud. Envisioning him working hard once he was here to get the job and education he's always wanted, and working long nights to ensure we wouldn't have to work as hard.

Memorial Day is about remembering the efforts made by others for the gain of the country and loved ones.

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