Celebrating Soldiers on Main Street, Merton

September 28, 2016
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Rows of people turn their heads down the street, as little kids leap to get their parents’ attention, and people remove hats and rise from their seats. The Memorial Day parade has begun.

In the distance, the American Flag hangs above a row of soldiers. A wave of applause echoes as trucks pass. Bright red firetrucks and Army vehicles slowly inch their way down Main Street, in Merton, Wisconsin. Arms motion outside the trucks and showers of candy fly out the windows. Kids storm around on the ground, frantically grabbing treats.

As the soldiers reach my family, some people applaud and others stay quiet delivering them respect. I am reminded of why Memorial Day is so important. I am reminded of the soldiers and their bravery. I flash back to the videos we watched in Social Studies...videos of soldiers shouting, bullets blasting, our striped flag flashing by.

Next are the citizens of Merton. Kids pedal on decorated red, white, and blue tricycles. “Remember when that was me and you?” my mom asks. Nearly 10 years ago, I felt like a hero riding my little trike with my mom alongside me. I got to experience a similar feeling as the soldiers in the parade. I’m delighted knowing how much veterans must look forward to this day.

An engine roars and my dad cheers as the old fashioned cars make their way. My dad glows of excitement.

I pick up the candy that landed by my feet as the last car drives around the corner. I have something to remember this moment by. I have the gift of freedom, a caring family, a friendly community, and a home in the best country...all thanks to the soldiers who fought for America.

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