Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

September 29, 2016
By Soccer20 GOLD, Oconomowoc , Wisconsin
Soccer20 GOLD, Oconomowoc , Wisconsin
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The click of the tomb guard’s heels broke the silence. Eyes watched as the meticulous routine was carried out. A flag swayed above in the light wind on the crusty, fall afternoon; the red, white, and blue softly rippled. People came and went, but I sat at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier mesmerized by the movements. Pride ran through me; this is what America is built on. I was remembering and celebrating those who fought for our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Life. America is the Land of the Free, a place people dream of living in. It allows freedom of speech, religion, and ideas. American citizens are afforded perseverance and opportunities. Life in America allows women equal pay, a hindu family to practice their religion, and political debates to be held.

Liberty. It is an inalienable right; one that is instilled in Americans. Liberty is the beacon of hope, and the dedication that drives many to their dreams and successes. Liberty is children attending school, young adults working hard to move up in the world, and brave souls going into the military.

Pursuit of happiness. The right that allows Americans to live life in any way that makes them happy. It is the harmonizing note that ties America, the Melting Pot, together. The pursuit of happiness is two men saying “I do,” blacks and minorities being equal, and families spending time together.

The click of the tomb guard’s heels still breaks the silence in Washington D.C. Crisp, fall afternoons pass, and people continue to come and go, but the legacy and pride that have become instilled in many commemorating those who serve and protect our country will never be forgotten. Memorial Day remembers those who serve and the sacrifices they have made. It is a day dedicated to those who fight for what America is built on: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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