Memorial Day Through the Ages

September 29, 2016

To kids, Memorial Day is a day with no school. It’s another day to play with our friends, and it’s a day to be free. We do not know why we able to be free and take for granted all that's been given up so we can have our liberty at this age.

To high school students, Memorial Day is a day to spend time with our family. It is a sign that summer is coming and we will be able to do what we want again. Memorial Day is about seeing our grandpa, who has his World War II hat on, we listen to him tell you the same stories that he tells each year. We listening to those stories we can gather how brave, and proud he was to serve this country. His stories put meaning behind hearing the National Anthem every Friday morning before school.

To parents, Memorial Day is a day to remember our children. Memorial Day is for parents who had to bury their child. We are proud parents, but saddened it had to be ours. We walk around with our child's pin on their chest -”My Hero”- but they are not only our heroes, they are the county's heroes.

Memorial Day is for the children; that get to stay innocent, for high school students; to be grateful and learn, and for parents; to be proud of our heroes. Memorial Day is a day to be free and live for the ones who died so you could.

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