The Ultimate Sacrifice Remembered, Honored

September 28, 2016

Memorial Day is grilling out, watching “Platoon,” and “Saving Private Ryan,” and learning about how my grandpa and grandma felt during the times of war. Grandpa tells stories about his time in the Army and his father's time in combat when he was a lieutenant. To me, Memorial Day is about enjoying time with my family and taking time to contemplate and remember who gave me my freedom.

Memorial Day is about reflection, remembrance, and revisiting. This day is to honor those soldiers who defended our country. It wasn’t until I visited the Arlington National Cemetery four years ago with my brother, sister, and grandparents that I realized the price they paid for our freedom. I walked around surrounded by dead soldiers as I gazed at the headstones thinking about the mixed feelings that the families felt, sadness, grief, and hope. Their gravestones made me feel as if I had lost a close person in my life.

Memorial Day is taking a break from our lives and honoring those who put their life on the line. Shots fired from every direction, troop members dropped dead right beside them, and our soldiers didn’t know if they were going to see their family again. I feel that they should be honored every day but especially on Memorial Day for the war that they endured. Memorial Day means people coming together as a community and honoring those that served us.

Memorial Day is about being proud and thankful for every soldier who sacrificed their time and blood so I can have the freedom to write this today. Without them, I wouldn’t be safe or in the spot I am right now. They protected me and gave me freedom and that is what Memorial Day means to me.

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