Remembering the Heroes

September 28, 2016
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The making of a hero should be reserved to those who pledge to protect this country and all the lives residing in it. Men and women facing life and death but still choosing to stand up for their flag. The celebration for the fallen soldiers inspires average people to fight for their beliefs as well. Being a hero is protecting others in times of need despite the consequences.

Being able to sacrifice everything -- men and women waking up at dawn wearing hues of green, black, and brown. Soldiers risking their lives flying airplanes avoiding fire and bullets, racing through fields with substantial amount of baggage, and crawling in the dirt scraping their skin on rubble and rocks. The true act of sacrifice is hugging your wife goodbye, and wiping the tears off her rosy cheek, promising you’ll see her soon -- even though you are as uncertain as her.

The feeling of freedom, something some nations aren’t as lucky to experience. Being able to express yourself through speech, religion, or clothing knowing it wasn’t always that simple and being thankful it is now. America is a country full of opportunities some people couldn’t fathom, and working your way up to your dreams. The flag symbolizes that you are living in a country where you won’t be disciplined for having an opinion and sharing it with people who might disagree.

It’s terrifying how easily freedom can be taken from us, but I’m beyond thankful for our heroes that make this nation full of sacrifices, a place I’m proud to live in. Soldiers risking their lives to save mine, creating the “land of the free.” This country is built off the soldiers who pledge to protect this country and all the lives residing in it.

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