True Meaning of Memorial Day

September 28, 2016
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Memorial Day is much more than an extra day off school or work. It is wearing our nation’s flag proud and honoring those who fought for it. It’s combining all of our great nations traits into one day to look back and appreciate. Each color of the flag tells it’s own story and reflects this day to look back on those who served. No matter what way you look there will be a flag waving high and proud, all three colors snagging your eye and staring back.

The color red is hardiness. It shows the ability to endure difficult situations and come out successful. Since 1776, Americans die for our country. In the most rough times Americans made it through. Red glares proud to the eye. No matter what differences one may have with another, we stand proud as a nation. The blood of those lost represent red, not death and sorrow, but honor and respect.

The color white is purity. The freedom of contamination. Our nation stands free, as we the people decide our own paths. Not one person tells us our future, and that is free of contamination. White is glory and honor. When the smoke settles and the gunshots seize, we rise victorious with glory, while we honor those who died.

The color blue is freedom, from west to east coast, the blue, glassy waves that crash into the shorelines, freedom rings. As we look above, the blue sky comforts us that we are free to do anything we set our minds to. Blue is the soldiers that march as one. Together they stand proud and loyal to our nation.

Memorial Day brings our country together, putting aside racism, religion, and other conflicts to be one as Americans and appreciate how fortunate we are. It’s a day where left alone memories of loved ones that died are reborn and honored. No matter what way you look on Memorial Day, there will be a flag waving high and proud, all three colors snagging your eye and staring back

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