Never Forget, Forever Honor

September 28, 2016

Patriotic Americans should take a moment from their Memorial Day to reflect on the brave sacrifices of those who have given their lives for this great nation. Servicemen and women are the  ones who lost their lives trying to make this world better. As spring turns to summer, families get out the grills and enjoy their three-day weekend. From backyard parties to Taps at Arlington National Cemetery, people thank veterans.

People eagerly anticipate dinner parties, backyard barbeques and sunburned days on the lake with ice chests full of picnic food. As the last Monday in May, it unofficially marks the beginning of summer. People celebrate being free and having rights, giving thanks to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Bob Riley, an American politician, said, “I have long believed that sacrifice is the pinnacle of patriotism.”

Whether you celebrate Memorial Day with pictures and potato salad, or stories and sausages, remember our fallen friends who can’t take today for granted.

George W. Bush once said, “They defended our nation, they liberated the oppressed, they served the cause of peace. And all Americans who have known the loss and sadness of war, whether recently or long ago, can know this: The person they love and miss is honored and remembered by the United States of America."

As a nation built around the red, white, and blue, people honor the sacrifices veterans made. The roses blossom red and white over the fallen soldiers. As the flag sways above their tombstone, children gain strength from beneath the sod. Some children have only pictures in remembrance of their lost parents, but their sacrifice is remembered on this day. From the 13 folds in a flag that is handed to them when their son or daughter passes, to the belting of a trumpet playing Taps, we remember and honor their sacrifice.

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