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September 29, 2016

Conflicts caused chaos. Southern states seceded. Increasing inflation immobilized many American families. And yet, these families gazed onwards in hope that America would end the Civil War. They sought persistence, positivity, patriotism.

The white stars shone brightly on the billowing red-and-white striped fabric. Hundreds of thousands of people followed the flag in expectancy, praying for their loved ones—only wishing they would be safe. Tears misted the eyes of both courageous soldiers and innocent civilians as the National Anthem was played, a symbol of power and strength. We won this war and became the United States of America once again.

Whether the flag had thirty-five white stars or fifty, Lady Liberty has always welcomed and remembered the courageous veterans from wars across the sea. The waves crashed into the shore as a boat towered over the miniscule island near New York, filled with soldiers who had tears streaming down their faces and hands over their hearts. Freedom’s colors were waved on ribbons as overjoyed family members cheered in delight for their loved ones.

I gazed across the street at the neighbor’s flag at half-mast for Memorial Day. The reds, whites, and blues of fireworks erupted in the distance, commemorating the veterans still alive today—and those who gave their lives for this country. On Memorial Day, we honor veterans who gave their lives to save us. We honor veterans who fought for honesty and righteousness. And we honor veterans who leave their families in exchange for protecting ours. I remember the soldiers that not only fought in the gruesome battles during the Civil War, but all wars in the past, present, and those yet to come.

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