Commemorating Military Personnel on Memorial Day

September 28, 2016
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American Salute, my elementary school’s patriotic performance of songs and dance, thanks veterans for their service. The show is full of songs, dances, and speeches that highlight patriotism.

As the stage pulls its curtains open, the show begins with the Star Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegiance. Everyone removes their hats and is mesmerized by the American flag. My whole sixth grade class and I declare our love for America with this performance. We all sing about our states, coming to America, and all of the different areas of the United States that make a melting pot of people.

As we finish singing, dancing, and speaking about the greatness of our country, we take a moment to thank the veterans in the audience. Then, we start the second half of the show where the performers show pictures and list the names of family members and friends who have served in the military. These pictures get put together into a slideshow with the names and ranks of the servicemen and women.

Watching the slideshow of smiling faces with the thundering sound of “Here’s to the Heroes” in the background guarantees there is not a single dry eye in the auditorium. After the slideshow, there are seconds of complete silence where there is an acknowledgement of our military.

The pictures of the veterans remind me of the harsh reality of war, and shed blood preserving our American rights. I know that veterans fought for my freedom, and the freedom of every American. They endured many hardships to allow us to live, “with liberty and justice for all.”

Thanking veterans and military personnel who are serving is essential on Memorial Day. Our tributes remind veterans their actions are meaningful to the people of this country. Memorial Day is about thanking the servicemen and women who fought for my freedom.

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