Sleepwalking Through History

September 22, 2016
By , Defiance, OH

“Sleepwalking Through History” is an article written by Cassidey J. “What are we becoming.” I felt inspired and I agree with this passage one hundred percent. This is not the way the country is supposed to become. The same issue has happened in my class at school where almost everybody has fallen in love with Trump. The argument is strong because it is a topic that everyone knows about and is interested in. People all over the nation are starting to take action against the country and the way it is becoming, for example, Colin Kapernick and other professional football players kneeling during the “National Anthem” because of the racism and other problems in our country. “I don’t feel inspired or proud of my country” is what I am starting to think about our country now.  What happened to our good leaders? Where is the next George Washington when you need him? “What are we becoming?”

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