Top Five Rules to Survive Middle School

September 7, 2016
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Students said that having the right group of friends is like life or death in middle school.Having the right group of friends doesn’t mean forcing yourself to hang out with people you don’t like to be popular.You should pick the right group of friends by things you have in common, by how much fun you have with the person,or by how loyal that person is to you.Don’t become friends with someone to use them,or it just might turn out badly.


2. Turn your work in on time
Students said that if they turned their work in on time that they would have had an A instead of a C.Turning your work in late can also make the teacher’s and your work harder.Needless to say,the teacher might not like you as much as she did before.Turning your work in late is just a bad idea and will not help you at all


3. Be organized
Students said that being organized is a lifesaver. You should try to be organized everywhere you go.It is a life skill that is needed at one point or another.Being organized can clear your mind and help you to relax.It also helps with getting things done on time.Organization is a must have so why not start now and make your life and others life easier.


4.  Stay  on the teacher’s good side
Since there will come a time where you will need the teacher to have mercy on you.Students advise you to always be a good student and do the right thing because you never know when that will come.Students that teachers are fond of have a better chance of getting a B instead of the C+ they deserved,So long story short,don’t be obnoxious.


5.  Don’t act like somebody you aren’t
I know this sounds cheesy but It’s true.Not only to me but to other students around school. BE YOURSELF! This advice will keep you out of so many situations and so much drama.Don’t change yourself for anyone else but you.If you don’t listen to anything else in this article please listen to this,and have fun surviving middle school.

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