September 3, 2016
By SidSp BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
SidSp BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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The word failure; We all loathe that word, we try avoiding it, we try to get over it but we can't. You might have failed in a test, at a job or at being somebody who you are not but wanted to be. It's just an aspect of life which is inseparable from us. The feeling that you get after you fail at something is terrible, it's so terrible that you might want to do things to yourself which would have a positive or a negative outcome. There is no in between. But it is not just you, there are thousands of people out there who face failure and either give up or get back up feeling stronger. So it's up to you, if you want to give up or fight back.

It's easy to say or to type than to actually fight back because when you fail at something, giving up or losing hope seems simpler and that's th harsh reality. Giving up on something just because you failed at it seems the easiest way out and let's be honest, we being humans would be more likely to take that path. When you fail to do something, people around you become harsh towards you rather than supporting you during a hard time like this and in such cases you tend to give up. The people around you might start judging you, telling you that you're not good enough or they might even compare you to somebody else who they claim is better than you. This is all depressing and would just let you down. But guess what? There's still a ray of hope. In such cases, you NEED to look for this one friend, sister, brother or just someone who would be there for you like Monica was there for Rachel. You need someone who'd listen to you and lend you their shoulder to cry on rather than judging you or blaming you. There are a billion people on this planet, and you will have that one person in your life who you can talk to, who would not judge you for who you are and who'd lend you their shoulder to cry on. You might even fail at a relationship and would blame yourself for it but what you need to do is sit and talk to your partner than letting the negativity surround you. It is hard to confront others but when you do, it takes the load off your shoulders. 

One thing that you have to remember is that you are never alone at time of failure. There are a thousand people out there who fail. The American stock market had crashed but it did recover, the world was once full of crisis but is now at peace, if the world could tackle failure then so can you. You fail once, you get back up and try, you fail again, you try and you try and you try until you succeed. And the feeling you get when you succeed after failing a thousand times is the best feeling in the world and might even be as good as or better than the feeling you get when you succeed in the first go. There was once a time when people ridiculed the idea of man going on the moon but here we are today launching space missions to Mars. You should never let anyone tell who you are or that you are not good enough. You need to work day and night on your failures to chase your dreams. If you work on your flaws and learn from your failures then you're on a rollercoaster that only goes up my friend.

The author's comments:

Hi. I'm Siddhi and being a 16 year old is tough. You face failure alot and tend to loose hope which you shouldn't. So sit back and let my article create an impact on your life (I hope it does). And let us all try to look at the idea of failure through a different point of view. 

All the love.

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