New Age Addiction

August 29, 2016

The pain kicks in and you can’t breathe but you know a perfect cure. Its down at the mall with all the other girls trying to buy away the pain. The more money you can spend in one trip the more of a high you get. You try on that elegant dress then cry in the dressing room because you didn’t look absolutely perfect in it.  Tears stream down your check with the taste of greed and shame but you know that you are the only one to blame. Your new favorite color is green and all the things the green brings you. The smell of plastic and fresh leather take a hold of you and you now know that this is more addictive than meth. Your friends are jealous because they can’t have the shiny things you afford and that makes you even more high and before you know it the pain is gone. You are in love with the feeling but you know that not all the make up and clothes can dry your tear but you will look damn good trying to hide it.

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