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August 15, 2016
By siddhipawaskar BRONZE, Hyderabad, Other
siddhipawaskar BRONZE, Hyderabad, Other
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How many times do you look at yourself in the mirror and cringe or criticise how you look? How many times do you compare yourself to others around you? How many times do you shed tears over the fact that you're just not good enough? No one will ever be in denial that they have never felt or thought about themselves negatively. We've all been there. And trust me when I say all. This is just a part of life, a phase of life or an experience that would gradually phase out. And it's natural to go through all I've mentioned above.The good thing is that after these thoughts are thrown out of your life, you'll surely have a positive take on not only yourself but people around you as well. But the bad thing is that if you don't ever get over these negative thoughts it'll surely have a negative impact on your life. So it's upto you if you want to make the good choice or the bad one.

I know that there are many instances when you're just down and not satisfied with yourself. You feel that everyone around you, does not want you or looks up to you as nothing but a burden. But you know what we often forget? We often forget the fact that we've come so far on one's own feet and you are who you are only because of what you do. Nothing can change that. If you push yourself a bit more then trust me you'll get over this even before you could say 'sabotage'. (Yes. I'm a pusher. I push people. Please tell me you got the reference) Whatever happens, does happen for a reason and is the consequence of YOUR actions. As far as I've spoken to people, I've realised that only you can point out flaws of yourself that nobody else can. So why can't you find solutions for yourself rather than exemplifying your flaws. There will be people who might try getting you down to get ahead of you and they'll appear in every stage of your life. And you know what gets on the nerve of such people who try using your flaws (which might not even exist) against you? The answer is simpler than the question; being happy with yourself. If you are happy with the way you are then nothing can bring you down, my friend. You'll be on a roller coaster that only goes up.

I meet so many teenagers who bring themselves down and literally worship celebrities calling celebrities "Perfect". This is the most ridiculous thing that often occurs in the era that we live in. Celebrities, actors and politicians are just like us. They too go through the same feeling that we go through. This stereotype has existed in our society for quite some time and it affects both, the celebrities and us. You might deny this but just think about it. You would be able to relate a few things for sure.

There can be no justification when you try getting yourself down. It's absurd and needs to be stopped. It's all happening inside your head and for all you know there might be people who still admire you for what you are.

When you have a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach that you're not good enough, talk to that one person you trust the most. Change yourself for better and not for the worse. And remember, picking out flaws of other people does not make you a better person. So start appreciating people around you more, you never know it could make someone's day ten times better. So hold your head high, smile the way you naturally would, laugh and snort at the same time, continue having weird fetishes and just live life to the fullest being yourself. You are who you are, why you are and what you are and nothing can change that.

The author's comments:

As a sixteen year old, I often go through mood swings and what not. But I have recently learnt that you just need to get over what people think of you and live life for yourself and enjoy every minute of your life. I want people to start loving themselves and others around them. So stop it with the 'Regina attitude' and get yo life together.

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A P JOSHI said...
on Aug. 16 2016 at 9:39 am
Wonderful article a must read and accepted.

A P JOSHI said...
on Aug. 16 2016 at 9:39 am
Wonderful article a must read and accepted.


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